Meet Judy Strickler

Judy Strckler

Why would a nurse retire from a life-long dream/career just to share the truth about nutrition with family at a time? Does what you eat really make a difference in your health? Whole Plant Food really matters? Was mama right after all? Could they save your life? What about drinking water, exercise, and rest? She will teach you how all of these matter, and actually could be the matter of life and death for your and your loved ones.  We were “fearfully and wonderfully made”; our bodies can heal themselves if given the proper care!


In 1997, she joined a company that also believed in her “whole plant food” philosophy. She is currently a National Marketing Director and a nationally recognized speaker with The Juice Plus+® Company. She also enjoys teaching Plant Based Batch Cooking classes as well as an 8 week Bible Study on Temple Stewardship.


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